[11] Easter Poem 
What a terrible week of pain
Revolved in their minds again and again,
Joyful processions with shouting and palms,
Poor beggars healed as they held out their arms.
Then there was bitterness, hatred and greed,
Friends who betrayed in the hour of His need
Now feeling guilty and wanting to run.
Now not so sure that this man was God's Son.

Then all the horror and pain of the cross.
Thinking that all they believed in was lost.
Seeing Him suffer, their friend and their guide.
They just couldn't cope with their feelings inside.
They wept in their grief and sorrowful love
Not yet understanding He came from above.

Suddenly, suddenly Jesus was there.
Standing among them, an answer to prayer.
Standing among them in realness and power,
Standing to greet them in this special hour.
Now, in confusion, they tried to believe
That what they were seeing they really perceived.
Their friend and their Saviour once more in their midst,
Some wanted to hug Him, embrace Him and kiss.
He stopped them,, and gently assured of His power,
That He would be with them in every dark hour.

Lord, Give the assurance You gave on that day,
That You would be with us each step of the way,
And when we betray You in word or in deed,
Forgive us and help us in times of our need.
             - Julie