Welcome to Prudhoe Methodist Church!

There have been Methodists in Prudhoe since the early days of Methodism over 200 years ago. As you would expect, our style of worship and praise to God and Jesus Christ has moved with the times, but our core purpose remains the same - to love and serve our Lord and God in and around Prudhoe.

If you're new to Christianity, you might want to spend some time finding out more about Jesus - there's a link to more information at the top of the page (there's even a quiz to try!). Naturally, if you'd like to join us in worship one Sunday morning, you'll be made very welcome - but if you're not ready for that yet, you can always drop an email to anyone on our Contacts page.

Please don't think that we've got all the answers to life, the universe and everything - in fact, we spend an awful lot of time exploring our faith and looking for the answers ourselves! We do this in prayer at morning prayer meetings each weekday and through our Cell Church groups - again, explore the menu above to find out more.

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your stay here.

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Prudhoe Methodist Church